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iSportLearn is the only platform that gives you affordable access to the industry's very best 'Playmakers'
A warm welcome to iSportLearn, and this short 6-minute video introduces you to the reasons behind iSportLearn, the strong purposes involved and a little about what you can expect when taking a course.

iSportLearn is brought to you by the team behind iSportConnect, which operates the world's largest private network of sports business professionals.

The purposes behind what we are doing are threefold.

  1. To bridge the gap between what you learn through any traditional academic education and the practical knowledge required to work in the sports industry.
  2. We want to create better standards within the industry and help people accelerate their careers.
  3. Thirdly, we want to change the diversity of the industry. This final objective is probably the most important and will take many years to accomplish but we want to be at the forefront of helping to make this happen


Whether you are looking to break into the industry or take your skills to the next level, these courses can help you get there. You will get practical information from some of the very top people within the sports industry. This will enable you to take your career forwards or give you that little bit extra when applying for your first/next role. There are so many people wanting to enter the industry that have no practical knowledge and we want to help people understand the mechanics of the business of sport and guide them towards sectors where they can excel. It’s completely hopeless applying for jobs under the premise that you are “passionate about sport”. We see people like that every day. It just isn’t enough. iSportLearn can guide you around the industry so you can focus on the areas that are suited to you


Sandy Case, CEO at iSportLearn states "Sree Varma and I had this idea over a year ago about how we could bring genuine positive change to the industry. We have always believed in continuous growth via knowledge, which is why iSportLearn has been such an exciting project to build. I wish I had access to something like this when I first looked to get into the industry. It has been amazing working with so many awe-inspiring people designing these courses and we really look forward to iSportLearn being a positive platform for everyone.The area that excites me most is our Foundation and the long term ambition to literally change the diversity of our industry. It needs changing and we want to be part of galvanising the industry to make it happen"