Are you a junior executive within the industry, just graduated university, or simply interested in understanding how all of the sectors within the sports ecosystem work, and where your skills/interests may fit best? 


Then this Introduction to Sport Course is perfect for you.



Our industry leading playmakers guide you through eight modules that introduce you to the major sectors available to you, along with the basic concepts and practical applications of the knowledge you will learn in this course, providing a one-stop-shop to begin your journey to a greater understanding of how key areas of sports business work.


(For more information on the contents of each module, you can click on the module breakdown tab to the right).


But first, what are the modules, and who are the industry playmakers leading the courses?


      Introduction to Sport Events Management: Chloe Targett-Adams, Director of Race Promotion


     Introduction to Sponsorship: Ricardo Fort, Former Head of Global Sponsorships


      Introduction to the Future of Sport & Technology: Moritz Mücke, Head of Digital Innovations


    Introduction to Broadcasting & Digital Media: Alexandra Willis, Head of Communications, Content and Digital


     Introduction to Governance: David Grevemberg, Former CEO


    Introduction to Data & Analytics: Gareth Balch, CEO


     Introduction to Esports: Lindsey Eckhouse, Former Commercial Director


      Break into the Sports Industry: Simon ChadwickProfessor Eurasian Sport


Welcome to iSportLearn
Broadcasting & Digital Landscape Lesson
Broadcasting & Digital Landscape Quiz
Once you click START you have to complete the questions and can't go back to the course to search for an answer. Therefore make sure you are ready. If you are not then click CANCEL. Please remember th...More
Content & Production Lesson
This lesson has additional resources available, which you can download by clicking on the icons next to the video
Content & Production Quiz
Rights & Distribution Lesson
Rights & Distribution Quiz
What is Governance? Lesson
What is Governance? Quiz
Principles of Governance Lesson
Principles of Governance Quiz
Challenges & the Future Lesson
Challenges & the Future Quiz
Different Types of Sponsorship Lesson
Different Types of Sponsorship Quiz
Benefits of Sports Sponsorship Lesson
Benefits of Sports Sponsorship Quiz
Brand Activation Lesson
Brand Activation Quiz
Future of Data Lesson
Future of Data Quiz
Importance of Data Lesson
Importance of Data Quiz
Purpose of Data Analytics Lesson
Purpose of Data Analytics Quiz
Different Types of Events Lesson
Different Types of Events Quiz
Major Event Management Lesson
Major Event Management Quiz
Event Impact Lesson
Event Impact Quiz
Traditional Sports vs Esports Lesson
Traditional Sports vs Esports Quiz
Commercialising the Audience Lesson
Commercialising the Audience Quiz
Overview of the Ecosystem Lesson
Overview of the Ecosystem Quiz
Fan Engagement Lesson (Subtitles available)
Fan Engagement Quiz
Broadcasting & Consumption Lesson (Subtitles available)
Broadcasting & Consumption Quiz
Emerging Technologies Lesson (Subtitles available)
Emerging Technologies Quiz
Job Roles within Sports Lesson
Personal Branding Lesson
Ongoing Development Lesson
  • We would recommend you watch the 6-minute welcome video from our CEO and Chairman which you can find here which explains the why, the what, the benefits and the purpose of the iSportLearn project
  • We want to give you affordable access to the very best ‘Playmakers’ in the industry. Hugely experienced people working at the very best companies that operate within the business of sport. 
  • We are part of iSportConnect who have the world’s largest private network of sports business professionals and have been at the centre of the sports industry for over 10 years.


  • Each course has eight modules led by an industry Playmaker. 
  • Each module is broken into three lessons which are followed by their own short quiz made up of three multiple choice questions. The questions are purely to ensure you have listened and taken in what has been discussed.
  • Please also read the FAQ below on What is Included? (subtitles etc) as these are super helpful
  • All of our contributors/speakers are called Playmakers
  • They are some of the most senior executives working at some of the most important brands across the Industry - Brands, Federations, Governing Bodies, Teams, Broadcasters, etc
  • iSportLearn is all about changing the sports Industry for the better and the Playmaker is traditionally the one person on the sports field that makes the most difference to a match. So we thought this was the most appropriate name for them.
  • Yes, there are multiple choice quizzes throughout the lessons. 
  • It is very important you take your time as we will create a record of those that pass first time and those that require multiple attempts. 
  • To help answer the questions you should ensure you download all the resources. Again - please do read the What is Included? FAQ below
  • Once you start the quiz you can’t dip in and out. Every time you do it is counted as a failed attempt. 
  • We will be working with employers to select those that pass the course with the minimal amount of attempts.
  • Every Playmaker has a different style so it is important to be attentive. 
  • You can use the site to take notes and most of the lessons use slides and graphics 
  • All the slides and graphics are available as downloads via the download button to the right of the video/screen when taking the course. 
  • All courses are spoken in English and each course is between 6-8 hours in length. 
  • The content is practical rather than academic and you can use the site.
  • Every course will eventually have subtitles (use the cc button on the video).
  • While you are taking the course you will see a download button to the right of the Playmaker screen where we will have the subtitles as a downloadable transcript alongside any slides that were used and a glossary of industry terms and abbreviations. These may well help you when it comes to the quiz.
  • All resources for a Module will be available for download in Lesson 1 of that particular module
  • The Introduction to Sport course will cost $99 for all x8 modules
  • Each Level 1 course also contains x8 modules and will cost $139
  • We believe in continuous growth via knowledge so whether you are looking to break into the industry or take your skills to the next level, our courses can help you get there. 
  • You will learn some really practical information from some of the very top people within the sports industry. 
  • This will enable you to take your career forward or give you that little bit extra when applying for your first/next role. Help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Regardless of your gender, age, seniority, race or location these courses really are for anyone. 
  • They will give you genuinely practical knowledge about how sport operates - the business of sport. Whether you currently work in the industry and want to add new skills & knowledge or whether you are looking to get your first role - these courses are designed to give you something extra.
  • Our Introduction To Sport course is for those starting out. Possibly if you have just finished your education and you are looking to get into the industry or to find out what the industry is all about. 
  • The Level 1 courses take several subjects and go into each one in more depth. Ideal if you are in the industry and want to learn about a new area and broaden your knowledge
  • iSportLearn is part of the iSportConnect family who have been at the centre of the sports industry for over 10 years. We built, designed and put the platform together. 
  • The actual course content was created by iSportLearn working alongside the same very senior Playmakers that we handpicked from the sports industry to give you this knowledge. So it really does come from the industry itself.
  • To start this course all you need to do is click on the enrol button on the homepage. 
  • You will first need to register to access the courses and then we use the trusted Stripe payment method. We have designed this to be as simple and smooth an experience as we can
  • We will collect your personal data at the end of the course so it’s easy to get started
  • At this stage all courses are in English.
  • All will eventually have subtitles and you will have a downloadable transcript available. This will be found via the download button once you start taking the courses.
  • We will be translating the courses into other languages in due course such as Chinese (Mandarin), Indian (Hindi), Spanish, German & French.
  • Once you have completed the course everyone will obtain a unique digital certificate that can be automatically added to your LinkedIn profile. 
  • All certificates will carry a QR code that can be confirmed by a future/current employer at our official accreditation site.
  • You will have to complete all your personal data at this stage as you will notice we kept the initial registration as simple as possible
  • iSportLearn has created a Foundation solely to increase diversity among people working within the sports industry. 
  • To support this effort, a proportion of every course payment will be put into a foundation. We will then work with other Foundations within the sports industry to create a larger pot of money. 
  • This money will be used to provide scholarships, job opportunities and also to fund free courses for those people who are more seriously disadvantaged or who would not have considered the sport industry as an option available to them.